Monday, May 2, 2011

Building Beds, Planting Seeds, and Remembering Bugs

                                            University of Kentucky Extension Service telling everybody
                                             a thing or two about bugs
                                                Most everybody has put something in the ground.
                                   By raising high beds, we were able to keep the plants out of the water

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  1. Hello! Very happy to have stumbled upon this site. We have just moved from Louisville about 40 miles northeast in rural Carroll County. Our thirty acres is situated inside of 300 belonging to a Zen Monastery :) It's wonderful to have Amish folk and monks for neighbors! Anywho, we've been working as hard as two people with a small car can ... with future visions of an intentional/sustainable permaculture community of like-minded people!

    I look forward to browsing through and around your blog a bit more ~ and a big wave from down the road :)

    Namaste ♥