Thursday, March 29, 2012

RAPP/Americana Garden Workshop

ON    March  21ST    we gathered again in the garden at Americana. After sharing a meal, we discussed raised bed gardening: transplanting plants; tilling, mulching, and composting; and started discussing garden pests (aphids this time).

Remember, these workshops are open to the public, not just community garden members. Our next workshop will be held at New Heights Baptist Church, 7315 Southside Drive, on Wednesday, April 4. As always, we'll start by sharing food at 4pm and then move onto our topics from 4:30-6pm: composting & garden pests. We hope you'll join us!

Keep up to date on ACC Community Garden events through the blog or at Americana's Facebook page or Twitter feed.  

Our garden depends on the hard work of our members, but also on the generous support of our community. Please contact Alex Udis, Community Garden Manager, at 502-366-7813 or for more information on how you can support the garden and the children & families who benefit from it.



Return of the Bellarmine Sustainability Students

Students from Bellarmine University returned to lend a hand in the garden on March 22nd.
We started work on the Kid's Garden.
Here's what it looked like when we started (Notice the fence...It's hiding).
Here's what it looks like now, thanks to the hard work of our Bellarmine volunteers! 
Wondering why we removed the fencing?
After removing the fencing in the Kid's Garden and replacing the entrance to the arbor, these great volunteers
moved all the compost into the new bin at the center of the garden.
Thanks to all our Bellarmine volunteers and special thanks to students Maggie Henning & Hannah Neuman for sticking around to help out for a couple of extra hours. 

Talking Gardening at the RAPP/ACC Workshops

One of the services provided as part of the partnership between the Americana Community  Garden and the Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program is technical assistance for our gardeners through an ongoing series of community workshops, held every other Wednesday from 4-6pm

Because most of our international gardeners are experienced at growing food in climate zones different than Kentucky's, our workshops focus on topics such as local planting schedules, common garden pests, organic gardening, composting, and other subject of use to Kentucky growers. 


On March 7th, with the help of the Jefferson County Extension Service (special thanks to Wayne Long and Sarah Stolz), Robbie and Sarah demonstrated how to construct low tunnels to keep frost from killing your plants.

  These workshops are open to the public and we encourage you to join us. Keep up to date on ACC Community Garden events through the blog or at Americana's Facebook page or Twitter feed.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bellarmine Student Volunteers

As in years past, Brain Barnes, a professor of sustainability at Bellarmine University, contacted me about bringing his students to the ACC garden to volunteer and learn.

Lauren Goldberg, who works with the Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program, (Check them out on Facebook at ) and I went to visit the class and introduce our programs. I suppose we did alright because the students were ready to work when they later arrived at the garden.

Students helped tear apart the old compost bins and rebuild the gardens shed.

They also moved pallets
and set them up behind the shed.
And then.....CONSTRUCTION!

Using all recycled materials (other than deck screws generously provided by Quint Hoagland), we succeeded in building a fine new compost bin for the garden.

Next up for the Bellarmine students: building an arbor trellis to shade the new bins; moving the compost into the new bins; and rebuilding our Kids' Garden.

The Americana Community Garden would like to thank all the Bellarmine students for their hard work. Special thanks to Hannah Neumann and Quint Hoagland for staying on until the new bins were completed.

We depend on help from our volunteers to keep the garden running throughout the year. For more information on how you can help out and become a part of the community garden, contact Alex Udis, Community Garden Manager, at 502-366-7813 or

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Volunteers

In early March we needed help getting things started in the garden. Lucky for us, volunteers from the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship came out to help create mulch pathways throughout the garden,                             
pile up branches & leaves,

and clean the rain garden.

We appreciate the hard work of such fine volunteers! 
Thank you & we hope to have you back in the garden soon.

Moving things around

There are many things to be done in the garden over the coming months!
Things need moving about.
The compost bins were once here:
That was a fine place for compost, but finding a place for it that gets sun all year round is even better.

So we moved the compost bins HERE:

That way, we can build a greenhouse

H    E    R   E.

We want THESE
(generously donated by  Family  Health  Services of  Louisville last year)

to provide for THIS:
Look at how those cover crops have grown!

So we need to figure out a drip irrigation system for the garden because the water coming from the barrels doesn't have enough pressure to spray the plots and we really need water going to the roots.

Want to help out in the garden or have an idea for our irrigation system? Contact Alex Udis,  Community Garden Manager, at 502-366-7813 or