Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moving things around

There are many things to be done in the garden over the coming months!
Things need moving about.
The compost bins were once here:
That was a fine place for compost, but finding a place for it that gets sun all year round is even better.

So we moved the compost bins HERE:

That way, we can build a greenhouse

H    E    R   E.

We want THESE
(generously donated by  Family  Health  Services of  Louisville last year)

to provide for THIS:
Look at how those cover crops have grown!

So we need to figure out a drip irrigation system for the garden because the water coming from the barrels doesn't have enough pressure to spray the plots and we really need water going to the roots.

Want to help out in the garden or have an idea for our irrigation system? Contact Alex Udis,  Community Garden Manager, at 502-366-7813 or

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