Thursday, March 29, 2012

RAPP/Americana Garden Workshop

ON    March  21ST    we gathered again in the garden at Americana. After sharing a meal, we discussed raised bed gardening: transplanting plants; tilling, mulching, and composting; and started discussing garden pests (aphids this time).

Remember, these workshops are open to the public, not just community garden members. Our next workshop will be held at New Heights Baptist Church, 7315 Southside Drive, on Wednesday, April 4. As always, we'll start by sharing food at 4pm and then move onto our topics from 4:30-6pm: composting & garden pests. We hope you'll join us!

Keep up to date on ACC Community Garden events through the blog or at Americana's Facebook page or Twitter feed.  

Our garden depends on the hard work of our members, but also on the generous support of our community. Please contact Alex Udis, Community Garden Manager, at 502-366-7813 or for more information on how you can support the garden and the children & families who benefit from it.



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