Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Farmers from all over the world, food from the neighborhood.

We’re still calling it the Bluegrass Global Growers Market, but it sure is a mouthful. Next year, we’ll be having a contest to rename our farmers market, so start coming up with ideas now.

Americana operates the farmers market in partnership with the RAPP program. Check them out! Kentucky RAPP

The market is more successful than ever with more clients buying the most local produce and more growers selling than last year. We are holding the market on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to 9 pm allowing for the many ESL, Citizenship Class, Family Education, and GED students at the Americana to buy fresh produce on their way out of class.

Our growers:
Simon Mwendepeke, Halima Muya, Habiba Mohammed, Jacqueline Nywandwe, Ku Ku, Paw Shell.

We’re currently selling peppers (hot and sweet), tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, collards, kale, and the international specialty roselle.

If you haven’t had roselle, you’re missing out. Roselle

                   WE TAKE EBT! So come on down. We are 
                      one of the only markets in town to do so. 

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