Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Back in April, fundraising with the Americana Kids at the Flea Off Market, Ron Mikulak from the Courier Journal approached me with an idea to write a story about international cuisine and community gardens. He wanted to provide Louisville with some of the international recipes.

We had tried a similar story last year, but the American adherence to recipe is foreign to the international community. Last year, when asked how many hot peppers are used in a particular recipe, one gardener responded, “if you like it hot, lots of pepper. If you don’t like it hot, don’t use many hot peppers.” Gardeners did not know how many ounces of roselle they were using in a dish, but they know how much to use.

I suggested to Ron that he come down to the Americana and we cook and he writes. It was a thrilling evening. Check out the article.

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