Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We’re done with market. All the gardens have been put to bed, but it’s been a better run this year than last. The market lasted longer, the gardeners made more money, the community bought more produce.  We hope to start the market a little earlier next year, maybe in early June, AND we are looking for a new name for the market. Bluegrass Global Growers Market sure is a mouthful and we’d like a name that’s easier to remember but still conveys the international background of our growers.

SO! We’re having a contest for renaming our market. Please comment here to submit or email alex@americanacc.org. We’ll collect submissions until March of 2013 and then hold a vote on the Americana Community Center Facebook page and on this blog. The prizes for the winner have not been determined, but we’ll figure out something good.

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